Enjoying Nude Art in the Nude – Experiencing the Art Unclothed at THEMUSEUM

Guest site by: Bill NESC
On Friday evening, March 27, 2015, I made a trip up to Kitchener, Ontario to attend an event of seeing bare artwork while being nude. This occasion was at a museum simply called The Museum and was sponsored by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park which will be located in the northeastern metro Toronto (Newmarket) area.
TheMuseum is located on the main street of downtown Kitchener, Ontario. Kitchener had a lively downtown filled with coffee houses, art galleries, bookstores and various ethnic eateries. It looked very much like a school or university town like Princeton. The Kitchener/Waterloo area is the Silicon Valley of Canada. It’s a place where http://x-pot.com of the citizenry would not have a problem with an occasion like this, and prudes are outnumbered.
I went into the door of the Museum where they directed us to go upstairs to an area where we got undressed and kept our private property. We then continued past some mean-looking dinosaurs and went up to the third floor where the exhibit was and event was taking place.
“Des Contes” by Janet Logan at TheMuseum
“Margaret Facing” by Evergon at TheMuseum
Untitled work by Donigan Cumming at TheMuseum
Up on the 3rd floor, there were well over 100 pieces of artwork from paintings to photographs to wood sculptures on display. Here is another amazing piece of work in the display – “Twinitron” by David Buchan, which I did not get a good image of. Most of the artwork was non-sexual unclothed artwork, many of which would fit perfectly for publication in naturist magazines. On this evening, over 100 individuals attended this event. All but two or three were bare. Since I just understood a few of the folks there and recognized a few more faces, I am not certain of the ratio of naturists to non-naturists that evening. Everyone was friendly and I talked to the various attendees on everything from the artwork to the unclothed volleyball tournaments arriving this year.
There was also a film crew in the local CTV station there and they had a feature about it on late night news. While the film crew was dressed, some local newspaper reporters were there and they joined the rest of us in being unclothed for the evening.
The following day I went to some Maple Syrup Festival in the place. On Sunday, I returned to TheMuseum for a lecture by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park owner Stephane Deschenes called “Naturist, Naturist or Gymnosophist?” It was one hour lecture (clothed) on the history of naturism and what it’ll take for naturist parks to endure.
I believe it’d be invaluable for naturists to work with the art community like with TheMuseum, to reach out to everyone to educate them about nonsexual nudity, body acceptance, and naturist worth. The art community has more resources, better networking, and media availability to get the word out on events like this. I doubt if http://nudism-life.com or resort did something similar to this on their grounds that they’d get over 100 people on a chilly late March day.

TheMuseum will continue with their “Naked Dialogues” workshops for now through the midst of May 2015. Most events are on Wednesday evenings or Sunday day.
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