(1) He shows his intimate parts for the intent of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the actor or of any individual under circumstances where the actor knows or reasonably anticipates he is likely to be detected by a kid who’s less than 13 years of age where the performer is at least four years older compared to the kid.

(2) He exhibits his intimate parts for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the actor or of any person under conditions where the actor knows or reasonably expects he will probably be observed by an individual who because of mental disease or defect is unable to understand the sexual nature of the actor’s conduct.
This subsection can be immaterial to naturists because, as I understand it, sexual gratification isn’t tolerated at your occasions. If anyone under the age of 13 years old is present, or anyone with diminished capability is present, you should be especially strict about controlling anyone pleasuring themselves or others inappropriately. In any event, the criminal is not the man who hosts the party, but the individual perpetrating the action. At worst you could be charged as an accessory a charge that would only stick if you actively supported the act.
Statute: NJSA 2C:24-4 Endangering welfare of kids.
Description: amount.
This expressly includes nudity but only when nudity is depicted for the purpose of sexual gratification. That is not the purpose of a naturist event. Again, the possible Defendant here is the child’s parent, not you, provided that you’re not promising to supply any sort of childcare service.
Statute: NJSA2C:33-12.2. Sexually oriented business, nuisance; offense
2. a. As used in this act:
(1) “Sexually oriented business” means:
(a) A commercial establishment which as one of its primary business purposes offers for sale, lease, or exhibit some of the following:
Novels, magazines, periodicals or other printed material, or photos, movies, motion pictures, avi cassettes, slides or other visual representations which depict or describe a “specified sexual activity” or “specified anatomical area”; or still or motion picture machines, projectors or other image-producing devices which show images to one person per machine at any one time, and where the images so displayed are defined by the depiction of a “specified sexual activity” or “specified anatomical area”; or instruments, devices, or paraphernalia which are designed for use in connection with a “specified sexual activity”; or
So long as you’ren’t selling any depictions of nudity, this doesn’t apply to you.
Statute: (b) A commercial establishment which regularly features live performances characterized by the exposure of a “specified anatomical area” or by a “specified sex,” or which regularly shows films, motion pictures, clip cassettes, slides, or other photographic representations which depict or describe a “specified sexual activity” or “specified anatomical area”;
As long as there are no performances or films shown at the big event, this does not apply to you personally.
Statute: NJSA 2C:34-2.Description: senior
Description: section:
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Description: genitals,
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Description: interest.
There is nothing obscene about the human body. This has been created in many Courts, such as the US Supreme Court and New Jersey’s own Supreme Court. This WOn’t impact you.
Statute: NJSA 2C:34-3. Obscenity for individuals under 18
a. Definitions for purposes of this section:
Description: activity.
It’s worth noting how this definition differs in the definition of obscenity for an adult. It will not care whether the content has artistic or educational value and it contains nudity paired with sensuality with sufficient impact to concentrate http://x-officer.com on the region or action. This means it needs to be enough to make a 13 year old boy horny. This may not seem like a high bar to get underneath, but the fact that this qualification exists, means that nudity alone isn’t obscene to minors. An anatomy book in a school library just isn’t obscene, nor is Kurt Vonnegut’s description of a graphic of a woman fornicating with a horse in Slaughterhouse 5, because it really is clear that there’s no goal to stimulate the prurient interest.
*If there were any sort of performance, dancing, display of a movie, or anything else besides folks hanging out in the nude around a pool and steam room, I’d keep the minors house.
Statute: Description: amount.
San Francisco Nudity Ban Protest