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A Teenage Nudist Is Born:
My Adolescent Nudist Narrative – I grew up in Scotland in the 1960s and moved to London when I was 16 in 1973. Soon after arriving in London, I saw an ad in Time Out magazine asking for folks to join a nudist club in Kent. I arrived at Eureka naturist resort near Longfield early one evening.
Having never been nude in a public place before, I was slightly embarrassed initially and was frightened to take off my clothes for about the first 10 minutes. Afterward, being decided to take the plunge and get naked, I took off all my clothes suddenly and quite promptly and was never embarrassed about it again after that. It had been something that I had always wanted to do since I went through puberty at the age of 11 or 12 and entered my adolescent years.
When undressing at nighttime, I might have this ecstatic feeling and would walk around naked in my room for about read to twenty minutes each night looking at myself in the mirror. I also started to get sexually aroused around that time, although I did not actually understand much about that at the time as, while it might seem difficult to believe now, in the small town in Scotland where I grew up, at that time, many children did not learn the facts of life until they were about 12 years old. No one had explained to me what erections were although I likely had them most nights and would sit there, feeling sexually excited, listening to music like the early Pink Floyd in the dark, feeling as if I was floating in space.
I was usually considered to have grown up “too fast”, but what my parents and other folks at the time did not comprehend was that, probably due to my early puberty, I was in some form of spiritual ecstasy much of the time, which came to me from a variety of sources such as listening to imaginative music, looking up at a starry skies at night, going for long walks in the country and becoming aroused by the changes in my own body.
It was also relating to this time which I saw pictures of a naked primitive tribe sitting around a fire in a magazine and I decided that, after I was senior, or, just as I ever got the chance, I’d travel somewhere where it was possible to be nude on a regular basis. My mother saw me nude regularly at that time in the home and after, when I was a teen around the age of http://nudism-life.com , some girls at school had stripped all the clothes off me, while they were having a prank (which I enjoyed), but my visit to Eureka was the first time that I was nude in public and among complete strangers. However, it didn’t take me long to get used to it. Luckily, I was good-looking and had an excellent body and adored women looking at me nude and there wasn’t the emphasis in the media at that time like there is today about sizes of genitals and of breasts etc.
Adolescent Nudist At Eureka Nudist Club
There’s also lots of paranoia nowadays about photos of nude teens. As for me, I loved having my photo taken for Health & Efficiency magazine, which happened several times when I was at Eureka. Nevertheless, I did find that there were several undesirable types hanging around Eureka amongst the old guys, which is why I decided another year, instead of going back to Eureka, to join Fiveacres Country Club in St. Albans, just north of London, which purported to be a more serious naturist club, and I also went to naked swimming sessions at Watford one night each week.
John Newman who was, at that time, was the secretary of Fiveacres, also shot a pic of me naked with my arms round a young girl, who was also a member of the club, and said that he might additionally send it to Health & Efficiency magazine. Unfortunately, I never saw the photograph, which I ‘d have loved to have seen, and not found whether it was ever released.

Earlier that year, I’d also remained for a short period in a hippie commune which was started up by Bill Dwyer, organizer of the ill-fated Windsor Free Festival, which took place after the same year at Windsor Great Park, and ended up with the cops beating everyone out of the park with truncheons. For some reason, although that was all over the news at the time, it became immediately forgotten about. In Bill Dwyer’s commune, which was assumed to be practicing free love, we all slept naked in a room at the back and there were two quite sexy-looking young teen girls there, both aged 17, one of whom I managed to have a short fling with.
In 1977, at the age of 20, I began travelling in Europe. I first went to Yugoslavia on holiday, mainly because I’d learned that there were lots of naturist beaches there. Also as that, I discovered the people there to be really friendly and particularly found the young folks to be very dynamic. I had a short love affair with a girl in Zagreb, who was a music student, which still stands out in my own memory as being among the most wonderful moments of my life, although our relationship did not survive very long, due to us living in different parts of Europe.
I must acknowledge that I discovered the Croatian women to be very amazing and many of them were interested in me at that time, being a foreigner. I afterwards returned to (what was then) Yugoslavia many times during the 1980s and my favourite area was the island of Mljet on the Croatian coast, where many young Yugoslavs went at that time as a affordable place to go where they could skinny dip. Additionally , I visited, among other areas, the town of Ulcinj in Montenegro, where there was a extended expanse of unspoiled beach leading down to the Albanian border where it was possible to go bare.
I spent the next three years living and working in Holland, where the naturist movement was just starting up at that time and where there were some naturist beaches on the coast which were popular with the young people. In 1980, I moved to what was at that time West Berlin at the time of the squatting movement. I found that many young Germans at that time were heavily into nudism and accepted nudity naturally, although sometimes it looked in my experience to be contrived.
In Denmark, which was the first state in Europe to make nudity legal on all public beaches and which I seen many times between 1976 and 1980, it was also very popular among the young folks in those days. During the 1980s and 90s, I also visited naturist beaches in the Greek islands, Portugal and Fuerteventura, which can be certainly one of my favourite places and which I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to get away from the bunch. Sadly, approaches have changed since I was younger and I have discovered the young British people today, as opposed to accepting nudity as being natural, have a tendency to correlate it with porn, which they are watching all the time on their computers.
I believe that that is an extremely bad tendency, but what I’d suggest young people and teenagers now who need to go nude would be to blow off everything in the media and only get it done anyhow. Do not listen to all the junk about sizes of breasts and genitals and, if you’re unhappy with your body, remember that, if you go to a nudist club or strand, the chances are that there will be folks of all sorts of shapes and sizes there and that it’s improbable that you’ll stand out. A teen nudist is no different than some other teenager except for the fact which he or she might grow up to be a more accepting individual. Getting young nudists involved is critical for the vitality of nudism and naturism in general and if more teenagers get involved then this movement will grow.
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