Al Vernacchio is a sex-ed teacher in Philadelphia who was profiled in the New York Times Magazine in 2011. Vernacchio has a very honest, sex-positiveand progressive strategy with his students. He teaches an elective class (which I feel should be needed) called Sexuality and Society. Included in the curriculum, he shows the students photos of distinct vulvas and organs.

This article shares this telling observation from Vernacchio:
What’s fascinating, he added, is that both the boys and girls receive the photographs of the members rather placidly but often insist the vulvas do not look normal.’ They don’t have any point of reference for what a regular, healthy vulva resembles, even their own,’ said. (p. 3)
Sadly, I believe teachers like Vernacchio are european naturist girls and far between today.
Mainstream pornography is likely a subscriber to some of women’s body image issues (like stress about labia appearance). But it has been, and by the looks of it, will continue to be around, for a long time to come. Teenagers are going to see it regardless of how many Internet security filters are put in place.
Hence, I think, we have to focus more on instruction rather than “prevention.” We should offer young people a healthier view of the body and a far more complete sex education. Sex education can help remove this genital pity and show girls that their labia are really normal.
Parents may also talk to their children about sex and porn. They need to explain with their kids how the vision depicted in pornography differs from reality (I personally would not leave it all up to schools).
Young girls now are already coping with so many issues surrounding their bodies. Vulva-shame does not need certainly to be one of them!
All Vulvas Are Unique, Beautiful & Regular!
This post about the recent Labiaplasty trend was released by – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
Sources and More Resources on Labia and Labiaplasty:
Porn Data
The Big Labia Endeavor – a great Tumblr that posts photos of labia submitted by girls, answers questions about the vulva, labia & body image, provides resources, videos and news relating to these issues.
UK Documentary: The Perfect Vagina – highly recommended and free to see in full online. This documentary follows a journalist as she attempts to find out why vaginal cosmetic surgery is the quickest growing operation in the UK. She interviews women who loathe their vulvas, plastic surgeons, supporters of body-positive worth, and many others.
Make Love, Not Porn- the project of sex-positive activist Cindy Gallop. Her goal with this project would be to clear up sexual myths perpetuated by mainstream porn and to ignite up healthy conversations about sex and sexuality.
One last note: Cindy also offers a web site selling sex videos submitted by users. There is lots of “amateur” porn out there featuring normal people who have average bodies having actual sex. There’s even such a thing as “feminist porn”! Mainstream porn is typically the more debatable type.
And just for fun: Singing Vulvas !
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Interview with the founders of Ponderosa Nature Resort about their Miss Nude Beauty Contest
A naturist resort in Canada named Ponderosa Nature Resort just celebrated their 50th anniversary. For episode 72 of the Naturist Living Show podcast, Stephane interviewed Hans and Lisa Stein, who founded the resort in 1964. The couple is originally from Germany and when they moved to Ontario, Canada, they found a market for a year-round naturist club inside their place. They found some farmland to purchase and collectively with Hans’ sister and her husband, assembled the Ponderosa nudist resort from your ground upward.
The Steins constantly had a target of targeting the public and bringing new people from the mainstream into naturism. But Hans’ sister didn’t agree with this tactic. So after some time, the Steins let go of Ponderosa and went on to start a fresh naturist resort of their own: Four Seasons Nature Park.
This can be where it gets interesting!

They set out with their new marketing strategy, but found that the traditional avenues of advertising were closed to them, due to the (nude) nature of their business. So that they looked for an alternate method to reach the people.
That is when they created a brand new gimmick:
Miss Nude World – A naturist beauty pageant