FKK began in the early 1980s as what seemed to many to be the younger–and possibly estranged–sister to the elderly and larger American Sunbathing Association (now AANR). In its first decade nevertheless, FKK developed to take the leading part in America on the problem of nudity on public properties. As AANR and FKK enter the year 2008, both acknowledge that that they and other naturist organizations need to work together if they are to continue to grow and be powerful. FKK has, from the first years, sought out opportunities to work with other like minded groups. The efforts to form inter-organizational coalitions like the Naturist/Nudist Leadership Council are an example. FKK has additionally, when the opportunity has presented itself, actively sought ties with naturist groups outside of the United States. On June 14-18,1986, FKK representatives and two dozen others from the U.S., Greece, Chile, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and India met for the first International Conference on Nude Beaches, held at Antiparos, Greece. Angelos Mimikopoulos of Greece proposed the notion to FKK in 1983, but it took three years to bring the convention to fruition. Attendees offered position papers on a variety of subjects relating to free beach philosophy and history. The series of assemblies was chaired by Lee Baxandall. The subsequent year, Mimikopoulos, Baxandall, and Johanna Moore responded to the suggestion of photo-journalist Leif Heilberg, organized a second International Conference on Nude Beaches, which happened in Hungary from June 27 to July 5, 1987. This again drew naturist leaders from around the world. A third such event was organized by FKK for June 31-July 7, 1990 in the Provence region of France.

Trade Association For Nude Recreation

While focusing on the promotion of nudism through effective public relations and seeking to work with a varied group of naturist and nudist organizations, FKK has also pushed for higher standards of business practice at landed facilities. The ASA formed the Trade Association for Nude Recreation at their 1987 Club Owners Meeting, a group long-nurtured by James Hadley of Florida. TANR was to serve the business interests of all entrepreneurs concerning nude recreation. At TANR’s 1990 company assembly, FKK was asked to volunteer by Hadley, and was then elected to take a turn as TANR’s administrative agent. This meant that for the next couple of family naturist pics ” would be in Oshkosh. FKK was happy to oblige this service because it supported TANR’s efforts to define and raise the objects of nudist clubs and resorts. , then one of the owners of Desert Shadows Inn in Palm Springs, California, shared FKK’ concern for landed clubs standards. Too many nudist clubs were supplying shoddy service, dirty accommodation, and fair food, and there was no way to hold them to any industry standard. At the November 16-19, 1992 TANR meeting at Cypress Cove in Florida, Payne challenged the naturist and naturist business leaders there to enhance their standards and to stop catering to the easy, fast cash of sleazy lingerie shows, nude beauty pageants, and wet T-shirt contests. He motivated them to stand up for naturist principles and not to give nudism’s critics something to point to. Payne and Baxandall saw eye-to-eye on this point, and thus when Payne proposed he’d call his awesome resort ” The Naturist Society’s Desert Shadows Inn” Baxandall was delighted to have him do so. Payne, and co-owners Linda Payne, Ray Lovato, and Sue Lovato then went on to create a paradigm of superiority in naturist resort company practice with Desert Shadows.
The Naturist Society Network: Policies Support Inclusion Of Singles, Gays, Families, Girls