Questions From a Non-Naturist Mom On Nudit Etiquette, Home Naturism, & Children

We recently received an email that we feel would be interesting to share. She’s seeking insight and opinions so please be sure to leave comments with this website rather than on Facebook (so she can see what people believe).
A Non Naturist Mom Needs Our Help!
Here is her email:
I am writing to you expecting for the input regarding a situation in my life including nudity. (Poll your buddies, if you need additionally, I am joyful to have more than one man’s comments.)
I’m trying to determine whether my outlook on a situation needs to be examined. I also would like to get a feel if my beliefs and feelings are due to my being nearly exclusively living and socializing in a textile surroundings.
Home Naturism And Behavior Etiquette
We recently received an e-mail that we feel would be interesting to share. She is looking for insight and views so please ensure that you leave comments on this website rather than on Facebook (so she can see what folks think).
Here is her email:
I’m writing to you trusting for your input seeing a situation in my own life involving nudity. (Poll your buddies, if you want additionally, I ‘m happy to have greater than one man’s feedback.)
I am trying to ascertain whether my perspective on a scenario must be examined. I also would like to get a feel if my ideas and feelings are due to my being almost exclusively living and socializing in a fabric surroundings.
This can be the scenario.
Due to many awful circumstances in my own life before year or so, I have become displaced. I’ve a 12 year old son that’s currently living with my sister, which was my choice and I made it in order to provide him with a safer and more secure living situation than I can now provide (as I have been staying with friends in their small apartment).
For background, whether it is related or not, I was never exposed to much family nudity growing up. I recall seeing my mum bare on occasion, but not my father (and I had two sisters, but no brothers). I never thought about it much, but raised my two sons and daughters in precisely the same way since I never was comfortable just walking around your house totally naked. Having said that, I ‘ve been casual, yet private, about being bare in front of them.
As each one of my children reached puberty, they became more private about being bare around me and each other. I never told them that it was unacceptable to be bare throughout the house. I have told them that the human body is natural and amazing, but mainly it wasn’t something I ever thought much about. Even now, with my youngest son (aforementioned twelve year old boy), if we’re in exactly the same room, and I want to switch clothes, I am going to say something like, “I am going to change now, just so you know, if you want to pick to look the other way.” was seeing, and he desired to change clothes, and requested me to leave the room. I lightheartedly dismissed his excessively modest request, and told him that I’d look the other way if he needed me to, and I did. He was fine with that.
I have understood that two of my friends are more comfortable with social nudity than I am and it hasn’t been an issue. I view it as an individual selection. I was told the very first time I ever came to their house, they have a clothes optional residence. No biggie. The wife is than husband to walk around fully naked. The husband has kids from an earlier marriage, and their policy has been that to avoid issues that could be caused by his ex wife. When his children are visiting, the wife will wear at least a tank top and panties when in view of his children. When my son has come to visit, the policy has been the same.
This couple is purchasing a large house. Several months ago they invited myself and my son to live there with them also and for as long as I wanted / desired. That was wonderful and generous and I have been really looking forward to being with my son again after a year of living apart.
A couple of weeks ago, the wife asked me whether I planned on talking to my son about living in a clothing optional environment, or whether I would only manage it as it happened (such as seeing her being bare around the house in front of him). I was quite surprised, as I ‘d assumed that the current policy regarding nudity around children would continue. That is what I was used to and hadn’t thought about things possibly being distinct. I spoke to the husband alone and he assumed the same. It was clear at that stage, that there was a communication breakdown and that they’d to work out between the two of them what their policy was going to be. I waited for them to do so and come talk if you ask me about it once they were on precisely the same page.
After they spoke, the wife said that she never thought that straightforward nudity would be an problem for me or my son. That said, now that she’s conscious of them, she said that while she would like to guarantee that she’dn’t be unclothed around him. She did not feel comfortable to assure that she’dn’t forget to put on minimal clothing when he was around. To be clear, she said she’d try and recall, but that she could not swear. She did not need to promise something unless she knew she could do it. She said that there have been times, she had nearly walked out of her bedroom naked when her husband’s kids were seeing. Her husband quickly reminded her to cover up and she did.
Since that conversation, I ‘ve been researching the nudist and naturist lifestyles. I’ve been reading views and whatever I could locate on the web to help me better comprehend the scenario. It has led me to you.
My concerns go beyond my son’s dad. I have family members who would not hesitate to call CPS (Child Protective Services) if they became aware that my son was living in a residence where a female adult was naked around him. I could probably find myself in family court for custody problems over this and I’d like to get extra information before I make any decision.
The problems that I ‘m having trouble understanding are as follows:

The idea that someone could somehow “forget” to put on garments is incredibly foreign to me. Is this something that some nudists have experienced in the past?
I have issues about how difficult it’d be for my son to adjust into a clothing optional environment at his age (puberty).
Does it make a difference that it wouldn’t normally be his mom who would be nude, but an unrelated adult woman whom he hasn’t spent a lot of time with?
I’m surprised that she did not imagine that it’d have repercussions for me or my son – Is this common on the list of nudist community?
I need perspective and do not understand how much my issues are due to my fabric life experience. Any comments, ideas, or opinions would be very, very much appreciated. I ‘m expecting your experiences would be helpful in my experience in some way.
So there you might have it. A non naturist is reaching out and trying to comprehend. Let us take a moment and try to help her!
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