Nearly Naked Women Are Everywhere – Why Not In Nudism?

By: Erik Jacobsen
Almost Nude Women On The Streets Of NY – Why Not Only Become A Nudist?

Nearly Naked Girls – It is a hot week in The Big Apple as the summer winds down, and while these temperatures are not uncommon for the area, they do come on the heels of what was an unusually wet and rainy spring.
During those rains the ceiling of my office, found on the top floor of a classic building near Central Park, sprang a leak. Over the course of a few days and several rainstorms, the ceiling panels started to fail and I could smell mold as it started to thrive in the near-continuous damp.
While repairs were underway, I was forced to move down the hall into a temporary place. The upside of the scenario is that I’m now more centrally located, and I see many of my coworkers considerably more than normal.
Nearly Nude Girl With Just a Short Summer Apparel
As we began the week with appropriate late-summer heat, I discovered almost instantly how little clothing some of my female coworkers were wearing. Now, I work for a nonprofit organization, and our dress code can best be referred to as nonexistent.
Nevertheless, we often keep a business-casual feeling. In my own normal office location, I will literally go days without seeing some of the people I work with. Therefore I suspect this mode of apparel is nothing new – I just hadn’t found it in previous summers.
Almost Topless Miley Cyrus Clean Skimpy Tank Top
I do not mean to imply that my female co-workers are prancing around the office in bikinis (not that it’d do anything for me as a nudist I Have seen more T&A in person before the age of 40 than most other guys will find in a lifetime). But short skirts, short shorts and skimpy tank tops have already been outside in full power the past few days.
And it’s worth noting that I work with girls of shapes, sizes and ages – all of whom have been exhibiting variations of these trend choices. Meanwhile, those of us on the male side of the aisle continue to wear our standard uniforms of long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
As I walk around midtown Manhattan daily, it’s evident that girls are revealing much more skin than men during the summer – also regardless of body type and age. Even girls who are clearly dressed for work have more leg, arm and chest on display than any guy could get away with in an expert office.
Why is it that we accept that women show so much skin when they are otherwise clothed, however as it pertains to naturism the paradigm shifts virtually entirely?
To put it differently, why do girls appear excellent dressing down frequently WAY down in everyday life, but crossing the line to naturism is something which far more men than women really succeed in doing? Many of the ensembles I see – both in and beyond my office – do not leave much to the imagination, practically speaking.
We understand all about body confidence dilemmas that plague girls, and the conflation of nudity and sex. But it’s intriguing that many girls have no difficulty coming to within what’s essentially yelling distance of naturism. Yet the amount that really participate is relatively tiny.
So what is stopping them?
The “Almost Naked Women Appear”
That the approval of women revealing more skin in daily life does not translate to participation in naturism and naturism tells me a couple of things. As a society, we’ve successfully hyper-sexualized what numbers to a few square inches of the body’s surface.
The unholy trinity that consists of the breasts (or more particularly the areola according to many public nudity laws) and the genitals must be covered by a minimal amount of fabric. The dissimilarity between enjoyable day at the beach and mom beach sex to jail, it’d appear, is a string bikini.
It is also clear that we in the nudist movement have a marketing problem. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink. There are two components to social nudity the first is being nude, and the second is being unclothed in the presence of other (nude) .
Assuming there are many women who don’t always have a difficulty with the first part, how do we help them overcome their hesitation to the second part?
Almost Naked Girls and Anti-Social Nudists
In marketing terms, women who are open to being unclothed at home by themselves would be considered the low-hanging fruit for crossing over into social naturism. These anti-social naturists both women and men surely exist.
And it is understandable. Without a friend or partner to buddy up with for a trip to a bare beach or resort, baring all to several strangers can be quite a daunting measure to take. This can especially function as the case for women, who may fear unwanted attention by men even if they have been entirely comfortable with their own bodies.
So while we continue to fight to dispel the myths surrounding nudity, naturism and societal nudity, we also need to keep in mind that there are many more individuals who are closer than we believe to coming over to our side. They merely want a little extra help getting there.
For women who are reading this, I’d ask the following questions: What convinced you to attempt social nudity for the first time? Or even household nudism, for that matter? Was it on your own initiative, or did someone guide you along the path? Did you start with home naturism, and then make the jump to social nudity?
Maybe the readiness of some women to reveal more skin in daily life is a poor proxy for interest in naturism, but I think it’s a link worth investigating. And the replies to these questions could be quite enlightening as to how we attract new members to the nudie standings.
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