A Summary of the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival with Morley Schloss

February 14-20th, 2013 at Sunsport Gardens, Florida
Jordan and I am attending the coming Mid-Winter Naturist Festival, right after we disembark from your Bare Essentials Bare Cruise. We are quite excited about it! It’ll be our first visit to Sunsport Gardens. With over 280 different workshops and actions in the festival program, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. So if you need a fun nakation in the sun, come check it out!
Image Credit: Stephen Ziegler
This year’s festival will be its 25th anniversary. Did you attend the very first one? If so, is the holiday today any different? What are some of the highlights from years past?
I believe that I’ve attended all the Midwinter Naturist Festivals at Sunsport. Initially the Naturist Society planned the program. At some point, I took over the production of the Festival. The Festival is currently held more days with far more activities. We now have a more “New Age” flavor. For some time, highlights have included incredible performances by Armand and Angelina and Faerie Elaine Silver. We’ve always had a field trip to clothes-optional Haulover Beach and, for the last few years, “canuding” on the enchanting Loxahatchee River. We’ve drum circles each evening.
For the advantage of those who might haven’t attended it in years previous, can you share with us what they should expect if they attend?

Pudding throw at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival. [Pic Credit: Stephen Ziegler]
We call the Festival “Seven Days of Pleasure, Growth, and Community.” A caring community dedicated to exploration and growth develops, especially for people able to attend the entire Holiday. There’ll be about 290 activities during the seven days. Experiential workshops will focus on personal growth, wellness, spirituality, the arts, ecology and relationships. There is also a complete schedule of activities for youngsters. It’s possible for you to locate a description of the tasks and Sunsport’s restaurant menu online at http://www.sunsportgardens.com. We typically have lovely weather; the warmest February weather in America.
Sunsport has an 87 degree swimming pool, a big hot tub spa, a sauna, lots of sports activities including volleyball and tennis, a jungle nature trail, boating, a fitness center, and free wi-fi on 40 acres of lush, tropical plant life.
Are any profits created from your festival, and if so where do the funds go?
Enrollment fees beyond expenses are provided to the Naturist Society and South Florida Free Beaches, the guard of Haulover Beach.
How lots of people usually attend? Where do they all come from mostly? The type of people are they?
We expect over 300 people to attend the Holiday. They come from all over North America. Naturists of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, etc. attend; most are interested in having fun, healthful living, and being part of our caring community. We usually do not pull individuals dependant upon alcohol or substances for an excellent time. Sunsport is smoke-free except for a couple of out of the way designated smoking areas.
Image Credit: Stephen Ziegler
FKK has been the focus of controversy because we speak about sexuality, so with that in mind with workshops on Polyamory and Tantric massage, would http://nudenudist.com/tube/there-are-so-many-variations-of-nude-living/ consider this to be a naturist festival, or new age festival? And why?
This really is a naturist, New Age kind festival. In workshops, there will be talk of sexuality and relationships. Nonetheless, there will be no sexual activity except in individual private accommodations. All activities in common areas will be proper to occur in the existence of kids. Hugging, kissing, massage, holding hands are all OK; public overt sexual activity is not. Sunsport Gardens is a family naturist resort; 14 children now live at Sunsport, and many others often visit. We do welcome expressions of loving relationships.
Is there anything people should not forget to bring?
Bring a tent unless you intend to rent a furnished tent at Sunsport or stay at a nearby hotel. All Sunsport’s rental cottages, trailers and rooms are already taken. Additionally you will want towels and, in case we get a cool night, something warm. A picture ID for example a drivers permit is required. Sunsport’s restaurant serves wholesome, plentiful meals, however you can bring your own food if you want. Sunblock can be obtained in the Sunsport office, although you can bring your own. In case you are flying in, I propose making your flight reservations when possible.
Are you currently doing anything different / specific to mark this 25th year anniversary?
The Festival is one day longer than normal. Also, we shall show a collection of popular movies like http://x-topless.com/pins/nudism-is-not-a-religion/ as an intrinsic part of the plot. We are joyful that FKK is joining us this year.
Is there anything you’d like to add or say that we did not inquire?
Daily ground fees are just $6 for people aged 18-30 who have a membership card from FKK (or another naturist group for young adults), a student ID, or are members of the Naturist Society. Please join us for a memorable week.
To find out more about what to expect at this festival, click here to read my review of the Northeast Naturist Festival.
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