Report On The Book: Growing Up Without Shame by Dennis Craig

Growing Up Without Shame is Printed Novel written by: Dennis Craig Smith and William Sparks.Topanga: Elysium Growth Press. 1986
Review of The Nudist Book: Growing Up Without Shame
Growing Up Without Shame – The book Growing Up Without Shame investigates the effects of adult nudity on children, a issue the writers happen to be researching for years. We educate children a number of things about their bodies: we educate them that they are beautiful, yet we teach them they should be covered.
We educate them that their bodies were created by God and as such have no shame innately; yet tell them there are specific parts that should just be shown to quite few people and should rarely, if ever, be revealed in public. Among those that recommend the body should be covered, Dr. Spock advised that nudity not be the norm within the house because of his experiences alone. Joyce Brothers also advised against nudity.
You’ll find others who’ve said that nudity is satisfactory, and one of them is Dr. Fitzhugh Dodson, who said household nudity before the age of 6 is okay, yet after the age of 6 nudity may be over-exciting for the child. Another physician pointed out that Dr. Spock and Joyce Brothers had no evidence for their statements and that they had no proof that nudity has no negative impact on kids.
Nudist Children and Growing up Nudist
Another researcher on nudity and kids stated that seeing parents naked was almost always a positive experience rather than a negative one. Other scholars are mentioned who say that the harm occurs when children don’t experience nakedness in the dwelling and that kids are typically not scarred by nudity.
Margaret Mead, a field researcher, noted that in specific locations, nudity is totally appropriate like in swimming and sunbathing.
She additionally stated that what is taught in high schools is not enough. Clothes has been deemed necessary and adequate by many cultures, but it some surroundings, it is warm enough to be without them. The publication subsequently tours nudity throughout history combined with the history of nudity and its treatment in America.
The one criticism that I have of this book is that it supposes that evolution holds true. He mentions the Garden of Eden and how that impacted our perspective of nudity and sexuality. The Bible says that Adam and Eve were male and female before the fall (Gen 1:26-7), and their genitals were identified with shame because of what they had done. (Gen 3) We were not made to feel shame with nakedness, but rather with disobedience. has always been man; animals have always been creatures. Naturally, we must note that God did not say anything about nudity being erroneous when He condemns Adam for what He did. It truly is critical that Adam brought up the fact he was nude, not God.
Continuing through history, he notes that various cultures have considered distinct parts to be sexual parts: in Japan, the back of the neck is considered sexual; while in the US, female breasts are considered sexual.

The Naturist Publication: Growing Up Without Shame
Historically, the female ankle and leg was considered sexual in nature and so so that you can deal with the lust that could arise, legs on furniture were covered, to ensure men would not be tempted.
In the 1870’s, Anthony Comstock lobbied the United States Congress to pass laws making it illegal to mail matters that could be considered lewd or obscene. Various states also passed Comstock laws, and the definition of obscenity was challenged in various Supreme Court cases.
In regard to nudity, Sunshine Book Co. v. Summerfield was decided in 1958, a decision that permitted nudist magazines to be sent through the post. Some movies have helped to normalize nudity in America, including The Blue Lagoon. Some state courts have allowed for nude beaches to open. I ‘d recommend this novel predicated on the fact it explores of nudity on children and for the fact that it explores how nudity has been treated throughout world history.
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