Naturist Book Review of Nakedness and The Bible

Novel by: Paul M Bowman. Ferndale: Amnity 2001.
Nakedness And the Bible by Paul M. Bowman
Nakedness and The Bible – The publication “Nakedness and the Bible” does not claim to be a defense of naturism; it simply claims to be an explanation of what the Bible says on both sides of the problem. For a while, folks have used the Bible within an effort to say that naturism is outside God’s law and should not be practiced by Christians. Various individuals within the naturist movement have praised the publication including Like them, I add my acceptance to the work.
The author, Paul M. Bowman, mentions the report of what is termed the drop of man, when Adam and Eve decided to willfully disobey God and sin. The one difficulty that I have with this book is that’s doesn’t address Adam and Eve as though they were real folks.
Since the Bible and its association to nudity are being discussed here, we’re going to assume that the Bible is an actual file. The veracity of the Bible is a different topic completely, but he goes on to state how God deals with the Adam and Eve after they sinned.
He deals with the way the nudity was dealt with throughout the history of the church, yet the author writes that the anti-nudity message the church has now been due to some consequence of the 400 years of an anti-sexual message.
Nakedness And the Bible

When the Bible is examined for what it needs to say about the body an obvious message is sent about it being pro-nudity, if it must be termed that, because nakedness wasn’t an issue for them as it’s for us now. They took baths in nude beach photography and rent their clothing as a sign of grief; that was what they did. The conclusion this writer accomplishes is that whenever nakedness is revealed as sinful, another sin is present (that explains Noah, Lot, David etc.).
In fact, the author even says that public nudity or nakedness is ok by God, because of the fact that God commanded Isaiah to go nude. (Isa 20: ) That entirely ruins the shame argument. God only mandated garments for the priests while in the act of worship. (Exo 28:40-3).
What you can learn by reading the book is that we now have not many direct references to nakedness in the New Testament; Matthew 25 is one of them. Jesus is talking about having enough clothes to make that choice if to wear clothes. In Romans 8, verses 38-9, nakedness is found among other states of existence and the context is dealing with things that can separate us from the love of God.
The best part of this novel was where the writer coped with verses that Christians try to apply to nakedness like 1Thes 5:22, causing another to stumble and 1 Timothy 2:9.
Something that amazed me was when the writer mentioned how garments continues to be related to shame just as nudity has been generally described while giving numerous Bible verses to support his declaration. In the end, I find this novel to be a fascinating read that allows naturists to help you to support their beliefs and rest in the fact that we can give an answer for the hope that we have.
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