A. I was told that they can cure 90% of breast cancers now – a enormously positive statistic. Ask lots questions, avoid Google, be there for them and adore them.

Q. For the ones that might be struggling and have questions – What are the great websites, blogs resources which you feel they’d benefit from?
A. The Facebook group – Mastectomy x, has been a terrific support network. There are some amazing, kind and generous girls because group who are all going through lots of different periods. Some are recently diagnosed, some have only discovered that they will have the d read ed BRAC gene, some are waiting for a mastectomy, some are halfway through reconstruction, some are having chemo etc.
It seems that whatever stage you are at, somebody has been there before and at 4am when you wake up at the center of a panic attack – that’s priceless. It would have been a much harder experience without that / them.

* In closing, I would like to thank Rebecca for offering us an uncensored and raw insight into her fight with breast cancer and her mastectomy. She’s a powerful, courageous young woman who I admire and value tremendously. I think I speak for the whole FKK family when I say that we are all sending her a ton of love and positive ideas.
Every person deals with problems differently. None are more “appropriate” than another’s. I’ll be posting at least one more story / interview in the following couple of days with the hopes of offering an alternate perspective.
Please feel free to leave comments and message on the site for Rebecca to see and read.
A Woman’s Struggle with Breast Cancer, Mastectomy and Body Image was Posted By Young Naturists And Young Nudists AmericaFrom Teenage Suicide to Date Rape – USA Statistics
The State Of America Today With Wishes To Teenage Suicide, Date Rape and More
Each year brings change. Individuals evolve, society evolves, and crime rates are affected. At times the offenses decrease, but occasionally the reverse occurs. The next post is a look at some of the most distressing offenses in America and shows the statistical changes that have happened within each crime.
Sexual assault Numbers
Sexual assaults are sexually verbal and physical attacks that don’t comprise rape. Similar to rape, sexual assaults have found a decline of 64% from 1995 to 2005. There was a significant increase in 2003. During those times, the rate of sexual assaults was 56%, when in 1995, the numbers were 29%. In 2010 the percentage of sexual assaults reported dropped to 35%.
The present average of sexual assault victims is over 200,000. The numbers relate to 1 casualty every 2 minutes.
Teenage Rape Data
Teen Rape – Studies demonstrate that teenage rape episodes have considerably dropped by almost half since 1993, but it continues to be an extremely pervasive and serious problem. According to Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), a rape or an attempted rape occurs every six minutes in the USA, and the targets of these rapes or efforts are mostly teens.
To place these numbers into perspective, let’s look at the figures of 2002. During that year 247,730 cases of rape were reported, and almost half, 44%, of the casualties are under 18 years of age. Close to half of all sufferers are teens!
In 2005, reports illustrate that adolescents are 3 times more likely than every other age group to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. Teenagers are believed to be more susceptible to falling victim to rape on account of the rise in technology. Ninety percent of babes go online and use a social networking site. Nearly 80% of these goddess post pictures online and almost half of them have sent “sexual” type messages. The message is then shared with folks apart from the intended recipient. This inadvertently increases the probability of rape.
Teen girls continue to be four times more likely to be raped than another demographic. 54% of the 1 in 6 rape victims in the USA are teenagers. Of the 22 million reported rape incidents, over 11 million are teenagers. The cases of rape all together decline, but the variety of teenage victims are increasing.
Date rape Statistics
Date rape was just understood as a genuine offense in the 80’s. This category of rape happens during a date or outing with someone who’s, at least, comparatively comfortable. At times drugs and alcohol may be there before the crime, but this really is not always the case. In the mid 1990s, it was reported that date rape occurs with 57% of present rapes. 38% percentage of sufferers say that the rapist was a friend, relative, or acquaintance. Rape cases may be declining as a whole, but date rape accounts for more than half of those incidents.
The usage of the term “date rape” became prominent in the 90’s and is a focus since. So although rape as a whole is decreasing, of click , greater than half happen with someone the victim just met, marginally knows, or has known for time. The amounts of date rape casualties continue to increase. Since 2005, more than 70% of rapes, that were reported, were considered date rape.