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By Paul Rapoport, Coordinator of the Topfree Equal Rights Association
Topfreedom and Top-Free Equality:
Topfreedom And Top-Free Equality- So what is this topfree equality for women thing? What is its connection to nudism?
Many naturists are not down for it, clearly. It is an out-there public dilemma as opposed to a private campground one. Then there is It ain’t naked, so it ain’t naturist.
But women’s topfreedom is in thick with nudism. It too aims to free the body from priggish prudery. It too needs to demolish the unholy notion that skin = sin. It too attacks the rampant body phobia so beloved of politicians.
Topfree Equality
Nevertheless, we shouldn’t stand for people screaming Naked! at topfree girls. Obviously, the media love to pin that word on them. What do you expect, when they use naked for almost anything less than a winter coat, for instance, asinine label naked evening gown?
The Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA) was formed in 1997. Yep, we’re going on 15. Our founding intention was to help girls hassled for being topfree. Ideally, we’d like to help them before they get into trouble, to avert it!
Over time we’ve managed to meet every leading North American topfree activist (note – topfree not topless). All five of ’em.
Topfreedom and Topfree Equality
Just kidding. There are more, like the Rochester 7, from 1986. But the girls who have chosen a long-term stand against patriarchal command of breasts are still few and literally far between. Improvement is slow.
In recent years, another organization, GoTopless, has formed demonstrations in August in favor of topfreedom. Great for them. Those happenings get the media salivating, and we need all that yakking. But GoTopless does not understand legal scenarios. It also comes with certain gear the media do not take seriously.
Our main colleague in topfreedom is the Naturist Action Committee, whose Executive Director, not an attorney, can write a legal brief better than many attorneys.
The co ordinator of TERA is a man. Oops, another credibility difficulty, although we do not run into it much any more. We give out advice, help in legal issues, and motivate girls: not to be topfree (’cause that’s their decision) but to take steps to allow that choice if they need it, including supporting other girls who do.
In the early days, we heard lots of gripes against women’s topfree equality that naturists may readily imagine. Here are a few, with come backs we’ve never used (’cause we are considerate and all):
1. Breasts are sex organs!
They are glands, ma’am, just modified sweat glands. How hot is that?
2. Women prancing around showing their tits make men assault them!
See that cow prancing over there? It is gonna drive me to eat it.
3. Still, it’s not safe!
Psst, I’ll tell you a secret. Women have brains. Enable them to use them.
4. What about the children!
Yes, what about forcing your ignorant bigotry on children?
5. Only women who’re hawt should let ’em out!
See no. 6 below, you sexist pig. (Note to self: dump the ’60s discussion.)
6. Only girls who’re horrible should go topless!
See no. 5 above, you sexist pig. (Note to self: you neglected.)
7. Girls are different!
Got that right. That means they mustn’t vote, go to school, get a job, or have . Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!

Despite all that garbage, we’ve found the topfree motion being taken much more seriously even in the last five years. More women (and men) see what it’s about and what it’s not. Some of that’s due to GoTopless. It is due to the many women who need control over their own breasts.
We know that breastfeeding remains an issue in this country, because every time a woman feeds her child that way in public, some nut case will probably hiss Obscene! But children adore breast milk. Everyone needs to see them feeding that manner, because it’s ordinary, natural, and essential. Pictures of breastfeeding aren’t porn. (Someone tell Facebook.) If women’s topfreeedom were potential, we’d not have any problem with public breastfeeding.
So yes, what about the kids! Topfree equality is for them too, so they grow up healthy and free of breast obsession and women’s suppression.
Here’s to all those women who get it and want to do something about it!
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