Sexual feelings and behaviour in many cases are negotiated through unspoken approval based on the ebb and flow of feelings and body language. This subtle and non-verbal permission runs counter to government guidelines on clear verbal approval in sexual behavior. It’s possible that the anxiety about not obtaining this sort of permission may limit future sexual investigation in naturist surroundings. Additionally it is possible that candid sexual behavior may sometimes expand individuals’ sexual feelings and hence improve sexual well-being. Now this positive relationship between nudism and sexuality remains undiscussed and repressed.

Some naturist surroundings can induce sexual feelings. Nudity in public environments that did not tolerate nudity was mentioned repeatedly as of sexual feelings. Sensory rich surroundings were also mentioned as potential trigger for sexual feelings, while personal spaces may legitimize an environment in which nudity can become sexual without it contradicting the public image of naturism.
The current law to battle deviant sexual conduct in a public space is unsuitable for the relationship between nudity and deviancy does not reside in the display of genitals but in the behaviour attached to the nudity. The abuse of nudity to cause ‘alarm’ and ‘distress’ can only exist in an environment in which nudity is absent from everyday spaces. By legislating against public nudity and sexual behaviour, the sexual tension and ‘shock’ value created by being nude in a public space may encourage those who may want to use nudity as a kind of abusive, exploitative and harassing behaviour.

Problems for the naturist community

Many nations and states have laws which adversely impact naturists. Oftentimes, these laws are intended to address “indecent exposure”, but are so broadly written they criminalize normal, non sexual nudity. Some laws, however, particularly goal nudism. For example, in Arkansas in the USA, not only is nudism illegal (even on private property), it is a crime to “promote” or “promoter” (i.e. express a favourable view about) nudism.[59]

Any social group is said to go through four phases: forming, storming, norming, performing, wrote Bruce Tuckman in 1965. In this context one can understand some of the current pressures on various facets of nudism:

Naturist club isolation: established clubs excluding awesome members and rejecting awesome ideas.[8]
A family movement in a time of social change: a change in needs and expectations, away from one of a permanent dedication towards one of change and choice.
Multi-gen preferences: each generation is a unique social group which needs to have its own norms that are consistent with common rules.
Clubs vs. holiday centers: organizations with distinct origins find it challenging to create common rules. The contention between those espousing a year round dedication to an ideal, and those who see it as summer-only recreation. Club naturism is falling, while the number of individuals that presume naturist facilities will be accessible at any holiday resort is growing. of users of free shores may exceed the number of people who want to join a club.
Paid staff and volunteers: many clubs were established as cooperatives, but the values change when a couple of members put in the capital or work wanted.[15] This became more difficult when some members were paid to act as site managers.[8]
Infiltration by other groups: for many years clubs had stern “No singles” policies to keep the family nature of the club.[8] Many other social groups practice non-family nudism, whether it be social singles, gay naturists or swingers.
Exhibitionists and voyeurs: as unwelcome in a naturist community as in a clothed community.[63]

Naturist and fkk magazines

Magazines published by, for or purportedly about naturists can be grouped:

Magazines published by an “official” national organisation, like BN (British Naturism), Going Natural/Au naturel (FCN/FQN), Nude & Natural Magazine TNS, gonatural (Awesome Zealand Naturist Federation).
Independent magazines published for naturists, like Naturally, H&E naturist and TAN (acronym of The Australian Naturist).
Magazines that print pictures solely or mainly of young female professional models, which are disapproved of by many naturists and non-naturists alike.