Happy Love Day To All The Fkk Couples

Nudist Couples – Happy Valentine’s Day!
Fkk Couples – To all the wonderful and amazing naturist couples out there – Happy Valentine’s Day! http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php decided to write a post for those couples whose love of going nude has caused trouble in heaven. If you are in a relationship, and one of you loves being nude while the other clings to cloths like a dryer sheet, here are a few convincing lines to get ’em naked and free!

When it’s only the guy who is into nudism (normally appears to be the case), here are ways to convince your girl / significant other they should join in!
– There’s no possible way to “look fat” in anything.
– Lose those 20-30 minutes trying to decide what to wear and jump to playing with accessories, which will always match your “outfit”!
– At the nude beach, you do not have worry about your top coming off in the rough ocean.
– Save some bread and hassle on buying a awesome bathing suit. These may get expensive!
– Cook naked and no more worries of spilling on or staining your clothes!
Naturist Couples – Even Cupid Goes in the Buff
Or if you are nudette with a man who is shy to take it off..
– If he constantly puts off the gym, tell him this is a good reason to begin going! (Even if he chickens out, he’ll be healthier and more joyful in the least!)
– Tell him, “Don’t worry, they’ll all be looking at me.”
– And also, “If you get a boner, I Will take that as a compliment.”
– Why would he give up more opportunities to see you nude? No-brainer?
– Negociate: If he can go topless, so can you! It’s only fair.
Either one: It is been pointed out before, but there’s a lot less laundry to do! (If you enjoy doing laundry, you should get out more.)
(I do not mean to leave out same-sex couples either, many of these can apply to any kind of relationship! 🙂
So go show some love, and talk about getting nude outside the bedroom. 😉
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