My First Naked Party – read All About It!

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The Story of my 1St Naked Party
Nudity and nudism for many, especially the young, is no big deal. Yet, nudity frequently strikes a different chord with those securely planted in of reason”.
My first encounter with social nudity was a year or two after graduating from college. It happened unexpectedly as one would imagine with this kind of .
It all started when a female friend from school contacted me about attending a Come as You Are bash. I am always considering a good bash so I inquired as to the theory of the motif. I was floored when she explained that “come as you are” meant attending the celebration nude!
Now, some might believe that being man, I might have jumped on the offer, but I was actually fairly reluctant. I wondered what kind of people would go to this kind of party. I pictured a celebration filled with old naked hippies or exhibitionist, prancing around to music from Hair. Yet, I was also a little curious.
I was flattered when my buddy revealed that she had thought of me because I was one of the most open minded men she understood. She also reassured me the group attending were anything but sleazy. I do not understand if it was her faith in me or my own personal fascination, but after a week of pondering, I relented.
Naked Party
Our naked party nighttime approached rapidly. Upon arriving, I was apprehensive, especially as I studied the room seeing mainly unclothed masses of skin staring warmhearted and smiling at me.
I must admit that going unclothed in public is not that poor, albeit it was “uncomfortable” at first.
We did everything found in a conventional celebration, we simply did it in the nude. We danced, had some drinks, laughed and basically just had a good time (even though I was just a little concerned for the furniture).
In the long run, I found the experience rewarding. I realized that in the grand scheme of things, clothes has nothing related to human interaction. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and freeing nonsexual social nudity can be. Nonetheless, going naked in a people is an acquired taste. I’m convinced it becomes easier for some, yet, I don’t think I am quite there yet.
It will take me some time before I will be prepared to attend my next naked party šŸ™‚
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