In Texas, a county prosecutor succeeded in banning kids in the Hippie Hollow clothes optional park, and State Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) authored a bill which would have outlawed nudist youth camps, even though there were none managing in the whole state. Hughes called the camps magnets for pedophiles, possibly seizing upon a portion of the original New York Times article which referred to COGs – creepy outside men attempting to get inside the camps, or glance through fences. This code essentially banned naturist youth camps in Texas.

All this craze grew out of nothing over ignorance, outright prejudice and unwarranted suspicions about nudism and naturism, and was a waste of time and public resources. There was absolutely no signs that any damage had been done to any kid. If anything, babes attending textile camps were found to be having sexual meetings, with others incurring physical injury from sports and other actions. Youngsters attending naturist camps were happy, and safe.
Bob Morton of the Naturist Action Committee wrote in the March 2004 Bare and Natural Newsletter that in “the case of the Virginia laws, losing means a significant abridgement of the parental rights of naturists and the unmistakable message that social nudity is somehow unhealthy or dangerous for kids.”
Bill Williamson wrote in the AANR Bulletin of May 2004 that “this Virginia initiative merely further demonstrates that we have a lot more work to do before we can appreciate the serenity and tranquility of our calm surroundings with no constant overshadowing danger of unnecessary government intervention.”
In the May 2005 AANR Bulletin, Williamson wrote, Clearly these are no longer remote political assaults on unclothed diversion, but a concerted strategically planned effort to distinguish the family from social family naturism. These social conservatives believe when they could prevent our children from sharing our wholesome engagement in societal family naturism, they are able to subsequently designate unclothed recreation as just another part of the adult entertainment business in place of the most rapidly growing sector of the travel and resort industry.
Naturist and naturist organizations continue to work with policymakers to recommend for unclothed recreation for all ages.
In 2006, Mark Foley left Congress in shame over his “sex-laced” emails and instant messages to adolescents serving as pages. The hypocrisy of his effort against youth camps angered naturists and , still struggling to restore standings, mend family differences, and recover from loss of business. There was little vindication in Foley’s fall, merely bitter memories.
However, Morley Schloss is positive about the future of naturist youth camps. I don’t see a disaster, he said, Naturist camps that have had difficulties have educated the children that they must be careful and distrustful, that naturist resorts are dangerous. Let us be proactive. In words and photographs, we must depict children and their families having fun at naturist resorts and naturist youth camps.
Stephane Deschenes of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park concurs. We certainly mustn’t stop trying on this particular point. Some naturists consider that we should keep quiet so that there won’t be any examination. In reality, many people criticized AANR for running the (2003 New York Times) story about children’s camps in the first place. I disagree. When you keep something quiet and people find out, they’re more likely to be shocked because it really is a surprise. That is why I make sure that you will find always tons of pictures of happy kids on all our marketing stuff.
In addition, according to Paul LeValley of the Professors and Researchers Specific Interest Group of The Naturist Society, the numbers of kids complete at the youth camps has plummeted. The only exception is at the Sunsport Gardens Youth Camp, where attendance grows each year.