The Blessed Performers in Ocularpation Wall Street Go To Court

Ocularpation Wall Street Court Case:
Today was the big day. The 3 of us who were detained for being half-nude / nude in the art performance Ocularpation Wall Street I’d been charged with disorderly conduct, and my two male cell partners had received a 2-for-1 price of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.
Surprised? Our “crimes” were so absurd it seems like this is the sort of case to be Instantly, decisively dismissed. Yet, and we all discussed and prepared for other outcomes, ie.
Eric (the janitor) was the first one called up, but he stood up front for only a second before the judge said “Dismissed.” It was so fast we all looked over at him a little confused as he returned to the bench, quickly as he had left it. It could not have gone better!
Ocularpation Wall Street Jpg by Mike Kingsbaker
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Additionally COMING:
Observe this outcome and the entire Ocularpation endeavor with us next Monday at the Museum of Modern Art for a film screening! Zefrey will be showing video footage in the performance in a short film along with some of his other work.
An Evening with Zefrey Throwell
Monday, November 14th at 7pm
Tickets sold at the door. ($12 for adults, click the link for all pricing.)
P.S. The Strip Poker job “I’ll Raise You One” has executed all of its player slots! Sorry if you couldn’t get in a game, they got an influx of e-mails after I blogged about it.
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