Men hesitantly approached us in >request to take our pictures together. One guy approached me, hands shacking radically in apprehension and said he had never before seen a pregnant girl topless. This reaction I received in response to my action was among the greatest impacts I ‘d ever experienced in my life. I managed to alter this man’s impression of not only girls, but pregnant girls while I stood there as not only an advocate of change but a taboo.

Two activists for Topfree Equality
The demonstration eventually finished after. It was at that specific time I was compelled to make an extremely extreme decision while standing there all by myself with no other topfree women supporting my choiceShould I put my shirt back on?
2011 Go Topless Parade held in Venice Beach, California. Several men and women march along the strip of Venice to protest the right for women to be equal to men in topless independence. Women wish to go top-free wherever a man is allowed.
After the GoTopless Parade
The GoTopless topfree parade and protest eventually finished three hours after. It was at that particular time I was compelled to make an extremely extreme selection while standing there all by with no other topfree women supporting my selection Should I put my shirt back on? My choice ended up being ruled more in favor of myself than the spectators who gazed upon me in disbelief and complete amazement.
There was no possible way that I was about to let this moment end. So I proceeded to walk back by myself, down the Venice strip, in the opposite direction that I ‘d formerly marched before with a large group of other girls. If you ask me how I did it, my response will be”I just did.” I walked just as though I generally walk with or without a top on, except I found myself still carrying on that ear to ear smile.
walking around topfree in VeniceThe Desnudas: NYC’s Manufactured Controversy Over Painted Boobs
The Story of the Desnudas Painted Boobs:
Set “topless girls” and “kids” in the same sentence and you have got some surefire clickbait for a news article. That was my thought when, in April with this year, the NY Post published an article about topless painted women preying on teenagers and children in Times Square.
Reading about this obvious “threat” to minors being targeted for jpg-ops with and by these bare-chested girls in thongs, I simply had to roll my eyes and laugh.
It turns out that was merely first. The topless painted girls have come under major scrutiny recently as the NY Daily News launched a campaign against them with a series of posts. Their Sunday headline read, “Bust This Flesh Pit.
Growing Upsurge of Topless Hustlers Defiles City.” Monday’s headline read, “Too Much To Naked” and referenced police saying it was “a catastrophe” and “unacceptable.” Obviously they were still adequate enough to put on the front page of the paper for 5 days right.
Two of the NY Daily News cover stories about the Desnudas Painted Boobs
These girls, who call themselves “desnudas” (Spanish word for “nude”), now seem to represent, for some at least, the forthcoming downfall of Times Square. We know this because Governor Cuomo told NY1, “I was around for the bad old Times Square and this is beginning to remind me of the bad old Times Square.”
What is the problem just with these topfree painted women? The only real issue at hand looks aggressive panhandling. This really is an issue that should pertain to all the costumed characters – topless or not – of Times Square (this includes Cookie Monster, Elmo, Spiderman, etc).
Aggressive panhandling is illegal, but that hasn’t stopped some costumed folks from demanding tip cash or a bigger tip. There have been reports, over the last few years, of characters beginning fights with each other, with visitors, groping teens and shoving people about.
Folks stare as Buzz Lightyear closely grips the Hulk’s midsection and they slowly shuffle down the plaza together
The Times Square Alliance reported to the NY Times that 4 out 5 complaints received since June have been about the desnudas, mostly from people who work in the region. Half are complaining because they’re “offended” by female breasts and one other half are grievances which are actually worth looking into.
The latter comprise reports of girls who sidle as much as pedestrians, rubbing body paint on their clothes or suits while attempting to get them to cease for a photo. This is behaviour that would fall under competitive panhandling that will be managed. Nobody needs to be accosted by painted boobs on their way into work. (Well, maybe some do, but this action does require approval.)

A Young Cheerleader And Her Body Image Battles

(Guest Site by a daughter who wishes to stay anonymous)
Body Image Guest Blog by a Young Cheerleader:
Young Cheerleader Struggles With Body Image – Most of US think that the only ones with body issues are those who are either grossly overweight or anorexic. I’d like to be the first to tell you: that could not be further from the truth. As someone who has been involved in sports in the age of 8, I ‘ve been conscious of my need to stay slim. As check it , I’m still haunted by the voices from my past that continue to drive that point home.
My first negative encounter with reference to my weight came during my first year as a cheerleader. I was a “flyer” – the individual which is lifted / propelled into a stunt. During any of these stuns, my bases made a comment about how significant I was. Up until that point, I ‘d never heard any negative messages linked to the way I looked. I was young at the time so it didn’t register with me that those girls were possibly exaggerating, or perhaps even simply whining. All I understood, from that stage on, was that I was heavy – FAT! I never forgot those words. From that day on, I became extremely sensitive about what other people thought or said about my body.
Cheerleader And Her Body Image
Puberty was maybe the worst experience of my life. As a young woman’s body begins to change shape, most girls definitely begin to feel a way of insecurity. No longer was I just “The Short Skinny Girl Who Weighed More Than She Should”. I was now additionally “The Short Skinny Girl with Big Boobs”. Originally, I only felt the need to stay trim; but with Mother Nature’s help, I now felt the need to keep my breasts and body covered.
It was not until I became a dancer that I started to understand that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. My dance teacher explained in my experience that she once suffered from an eating disorder while in dance school. She explained how individuals do not always factor in someone else’s muscle mass when they evaluate their weight and that she suffered as a result. I immediately identified with what she was saying. I felt a sense of relief knowing that there was a legitimate reason for my weight: I just had a lot of muscle mass.
Even though I shall never forget the experiences of my past, I ‘m aware of my own power over them. I will probably always strive to remain lean, but no longer is it merely for its own benefit. I do desire to be lean, but I want to be healthy and happy first.
Perhaps the naturists with this world have a better and healthier attitude towards body image. I see that full news are much more accepting of their own body. I trust they are as accepting of those around them. I for one, feel that nudism, as a movement could teach us none naturists a lot!
Keep up the good work! Body Image is a huge issue and I expect that one day we could all see people for who they are, not what they look like.
This guest blog post about body image was published by Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK.
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Upon seeing Kristen for the very first time, Chuck’s first “private” comment was how impressed he was by her breasts. Clearly he was sexually / physically attracted to her. During their date, they had a wine tasting. It was interesting to see how comfortable Chuck appeared. He was sitting with his legs open, relaxed and having an atmosphere of simplicity and innocence.

In stark comparison, Kristen was clearly feeling more guarded as she sat cross legged and and was somewhat distant.
Kristen is clearly quite sexual in nature. She made it a point to tell Chuck that she was is into BDSM. A fact that seemed to scare Chuck a little bit and made him hit the alcohol more difficult to try and control his panic.
Kristen tries to not stare at chuck’s member during their naked date. Photo: VH1
As they were discussing, Kristen kept looking down, almost uncontrollably, at Chuck’s crotch. She mentioned that she believed his dick is pretty and kept looking down. I found this intriguing as the male penis is seldom described as “pretty,” but in a way I also found it quite cute. She was obviously smitten by Chuck and his pretty dick.
As Camille was becoming naked for her date, she said that she was excited. She was still obviously uncomfortable with being nude, but she seemed to be accepting her nude self somewhat better the second time around.
On this date, she meets Rob, a young man who has the body of someone who clearly spends much time in the fitness center. Camille enjoyed the fact that was “built” and believed he was “super popular.”
As Rob was getting naked and preparing to meet his date, he said he thought it’d be better to meet naked. He was of the opinion that clothing are only materialistic items, and he appeared genuinely enthusiastic about meeting someone and getting to know them for who they’re as apposed from what they looked like or what clothes they picked to wear.. He was obviously quite comfortable being naked and said that for him, it was a fun and liberating experience.
Dating Naked is a show that is based on the assumption that once garments are removed, individuals become less judgmental and more accepting. But Camille quickly dispelled that assumption as she promptly judged him for being previously participated and the fact he was younger. Rob is 22 which made Camille feel a little unsure of how viable a relationship with him would be.
Camille also made a remark that appeared somewhat judgmental. She said that his dick looks like “a baby’s arm holding an apple.” (What does that even mean?) She looked just a tad bit unhappy with that fact. Yet as the date went on, she appeared to be capable look past the surface, and it looked like she enjoyed their time together.
That night, they all met up at the bungalow. Chuck determined to take complete advantage of his new found freedom and show up nude. This made Rob feel a bit competitive, like he had to “step it up” a bit. Interestingly enough, when Kristen arrived and saw that Chuck was naked (he was the only one) she giggled, blurting out – “look at you!” She seemed to happen to be taken by surprise by Chuck’s nakedness, but at the same time, she also seemed to be quite happy about it.
Thank night, Rob and Camille had “dating naked sex”, but Kristen determined to play a power game with Chuck instead. She maintained that guys like a challenge and refused to invite him to her room. In her view, playing the game would entice him more. I find this tactic to be rather counterproductive and notably in this special setting. Why would someone travel all this way, put themselves out there like that and yet still feel the need to assemble obstacles But that was her choice and her strategy.
Dating Naked Day 3
On day 3, Chuck feels comfortable getting nude. At this point, getting or being nude looks like second nature to him – YAY!!!
His date was with Michelle who works at a beauty salon. Michelle was obviously nervous and being nude in public was something that made her feel uneasy.
During their date, they were tasked with assembling a raft. The raft was wanted for them to paddle out to your floating barge where they could have some food and beverages while in a secluded setting on the water. Assembling the raft made Michelle feel uneasy because there was a lot of bending over involved. She was really worried and self conscious about showing Chuck her vagina in such an obvious manner. Chuck, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care about the nakedness and was fairly uninhibited. He was bending over and crouching while constructing his makeshift raft.
As Camille was becoming nude for her third date, she still seemed a bit uncomfortable, but was handling it better. She meets Julian, family nudist galleries with dreads and tattoos. Being tattooed herself, Camille found him physically appealing. But as the two met and spoke for the first time, Julian was unable to contain his excitement and had an erection. Even though he is obviously erect, he acted like nothing is wrong and maintained an extremely suave-like demeanor. It was as it’s an obviously awkward first meeting and an acknowledgement of his excited state seemed warranted.

Why this should be surprising advice to any of you needs us to take a small detour and discuss the perspectives about unclothed, nudity and naturism in Egypt. Egypt is an Islamic country and by law, nudity is banned. More importantly, people have a ruthless attitude in regards to nudity in general: if it’s naked, then it’s sexual, unless it is in the toilet. As easy as that. Besides nudity in the shower, most people believe that nudity has a sexual component to it, and thus it is a taboo. Officially, there are not any naked beaches in Egypt, and nudity in public is prohibited – and punishable – by what the law states. On the other hand, Egypt is a state that chiefly depends in its national income on tourism. And the authorities are striving to appeal to all sorts of tourists, and part of them are people who need to soak stark naked in the hot Egypt sunshine. So it is not a surprise that toplessness is taken – not formally permitted, but tolerated, in many resorts. But the notion of a proper local nude beach seemed a bit far-fetched, to me at least.

Naturism In Egypt
Nevertheless, the question should now be why someone from Egypt would be interested in a unclothed beach, let alone naturism in the first place? Yes, you read that right: I am Egyptian. Yes, I ‘m check it . And yes, I also like to call myself a naturist. I first got introduced to the lifestyle once I was 12 or 13, after coming across a documentary about nudism on television. It was not until a few years later that I got a opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle when I first started using the Internet, and I’ve been calling myself a nudist ever since. But my practice of nudism has been largely restricted to, well, my room. As it pertains to outdoor experiences, I settled to late night skinny dips every now and then.
Fast forward to today, my wife and I were discussing taking a few days off work and going somewhere to spend the last few days of the summer, and Hurghada came up on the list. My wife isn’ alison angel at the beach of naturism: at some point she was intrigued, may be interested, but that interest never really materialized. However, she knows I ‘m deeply devoted to the lifestyle, and she doesn’t mind it. I ran the idea by my wife and got the green light – it was convenient to have the choice, and in case it does not turn out to be what we had in mind, we’ll only keep our clothing on – can not be any worse than that.
Egyptian Nude Beach Sign Close UPWARD
An hour’s flight from Cairo and we arrived at Hurghada, mid day. I’d love to say that I’d packed nothing but an array of footwear and shaving kit, but this is not a naturist resort, simply a resort with a nudist beach choice, so we ended up packing some heavy bag for only a mere two days of vacation. I even packed my swimming trunks, just in case, as I didn’t know what to expect (they did prove useless in the end, after all). Soon, we arrived to the resort and checked into our room. We immediately dropped our bags, changed into more appropriate dress and after a quick lunch, determined to go and look for the bare beach.
At the far left end of the main playa, we were soon greeted by a fenced area of the sand and a small, barely noticeable ‘Dress As You Like’ signal. Of course, I did not anticipate the resort management to stick up a ‘Naked Beach’ sign. Actually, I ‘m happy they didn’t, as otherwise it’d certainly brought the unwanted attention of interested playa goers. But it appears that those who know the resort and its plage set up readily get the hint anyway. As we made our way into the fenced place, we recognized that no one else was there. We began to wonder if anyone does actually use this part of the sand after all and, if this was actually intended to be as a naked beach area in the first place. Still, we determined to go bring plage towels and come back to the component and see how it is going to go. By the time we were back, our doubts were dispelled; another family had already set camp at the plage area, naturally, totally nude.
The unclothed beach region is basically comprised of six beach huts laid down in a half circle arrangement. Each strand hut has its nutritional supplement of sand beds, as well as wind breaks for that little additional privacy. The beach huts are clustered together closely, and if you lay low enough inside your hut, it would be near impossible to tell if someone is sitting inside or not. In reality, as we stepped into one of the huts that we were going to take for ourselves, we were surprised to find that there was another man already in there, lying on his sun bed and hidden by us right until we’ve stepped in.
Egyptian Naked Beach Huts